Lease Guide

Step 1:

The city, in which your proposed business is located, must approve all potential business for the specific location in question. Below you can find  phone numbers and website links to each individual city.


DALY CITY: (650) 991-8033

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO: (650) 877-8535

SAN BRUNO: (650) 616-7074

MILLBRAE: (650) 259-2443

Step 2: 

After obtaining approval from the city for your business, please fill out the our tenant application. An application can be obtained by calling our office at (650) 589-1262.  Once you have completed this form please submit it to Welch Family Partnership via fax (650) 583-6339 or inperson at our office at 383 W. San Bruno Ave, San Bruno.


Step 3:

Upon receiving the application Welch Family Partnership will review it and determine approval for lease. Once you have been approved for a lease, you can then choose which leasing option best suits your needs. We have three leasing options that are as follows: 1 year lease, 3 year lease,  or a 5 year lease. All lease options offer an option to renew at the end of the lease term.


Step 4: 

After completing Steps 1 – 3, please review and sign your lease agreement.